Ashley Madison Case Study 12/29/20 – 1/11/21

History and Statistics

Ashley Madison launched on Valentine’s Day, 2002 and was the first dating site to use the angle of catering to married men and women who want to have affairs. They achieved rapid growth

How it Works

I joined and purchased 500 credits and got 500 free: 12/29/20 for $149

My emailed receipt

If after reading my review and experience you still decide to use Ashley Madison, make sure you the buy 500 + 500 or 200 + 200 deal. It is way cheaper.

A little while later I got another email from them:

My emailed receipt for “Mobile Access” which I did not order

I did not order this, but decided not to complain to see if they’d add anything else without my permission like the special offer at the bottom of the email for “Member Initiated Contact.” They didn’t charge me for anything else, but you should be careful if you’re foolish enough to use their site.

I just sent them this email and I’m curious to see their response. (Sunday, 1/24/21)

Dear Customer Service Team,

I did not order the mobile access and not sure why I was charged $19.99 for it and also noticed it’s a monthly subscription. Please cancel it, refund the $19.99 and whatever my credits left in my account are worth. 

I have 802 credits left so that’s equivalent to $120 since I paid $149.

I am extremely unhappy with my experience using your site as a pro-active member who wrote real messages to the supposed women on your site. I have tracked every contact, message, screen names, photos, and end results, on a spreadsheet that I am planning to publish on a dating review type site I am building.

In three weeks, though making a real effort, I did not end up talking to a single woman. I have a tech background and used an IP logger and other tools to find out who I was dealing with.

Most were in Nigeria or Ghana and the fake pics are easy to figure out doing a simple image search on Google. 

I am on my third site, Match, and I’ve already spoken to five women in 1.5 weeks, and they are real. I have about ten real message chats going with real women and have more possible connections in the works.

Please refund me and either way, the result will be published on my case study style dating review site, but at least a refund will look better for you. 

Hoping you’ll do the right thing,

My name and number

Here is a screenshot of the Google Sheet I used to track everything:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ashleymadisontrackingscreenshot-1024x539.png

So out of 24 contacts by private message 15 were scammers, eight I was never able to continue contact with, and one I suspected might be real only due to something she said in her PM to me.

Update 1/25/21