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Our purpose is to help you navigate the murky and confusing waters of online dating. There are so many options and so many ways to waste time and money. We are going to start with the truth about the major online dating websites by joining each one for two weeks as a paid member . We will track EVERYTHING and report our findings here.

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You will learn from the opposite sex how to get better dates by participating in our forums, groups, and reading articles we post.

Men Learn From Women, Women Learn From Men

The best way to learn what your ideal date is looking for is to hear it from real men and women who are actively dating. You will learn how to connect with your ideal date online, in person, and on the phone, in a way that attracts them to you versus turning them off.

Our forums, groups, and blog posts are a gold mine of real advice, from real people.

All the Advice You Need–In One Cool Place

Do you want to save time from all those endless Google searches you’re doing looking for advice on dating? Do you want to learn what the opposite sex really wants in a potential date? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could interact and ask questions to real people who will tell you the truth about what attracts them and keeps them interested in pursuing a serious relationship?

If you answered yes to those three questions, congratulations–You’re in the right place!

Interact With People in Your Age Bracket Who Share Similar Interests

You can interact in our forums and groups and connect with people like you. No wading through hundreds of comments from people far outside your age bracket discussing subjects irrelevant to you.

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Mathilda Brinker

Amazing Community!

I love how easy it is to find answers in the forums and groups by reading about what men really want in a date. It's so cool to be able to ask them questions and get answers from real people.

Mathilda Brinker
Los Angeles, CA
Mark Valentine

I've learned how to connect with women who will go out on dates with me

I had been striking out in the online dating world and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I found the answers here in the forums and like the way it's organized so I can choose to participate in the ones that have people my age.

Mark Valentine
Long Island, NY
Nicholas Grissom

I've made some real friends on GBD who give me honest answers

I am so happy I found this site because I can connect to people in the forums and groups who are becoming my online friends. The women answer my questions on how to attract and date based on their own preferences and experience.

Nicholas Grissom
San Francisco, CA

Release Your Dating Superpowers!

If you’re not getting the results you want in your dating life, you’re likely making mistakes that can be fixed easily–if you only knew what blunders you’re making. It is not that complicated. We feel the best way to learn is by hearing what processes are preferred by the opposite sex to connect and date.

  • Build your profile in just minutes, it’s that simple!
  • Unlimited messaging with the best interface.

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